Megan Davis, the owner of Scientific Citizens, is an independent contractor for hire. With 15+ years in education and non-profit management, Megan is an experienced trainer, teacher and project manager.

Megan has a Master’s degree in interdisciplinary cultural studies. Her STRENGTHS FINDER results include Individualization and Intellection, which make her particularly astute at customizing learning experiences for each person.

Megan is a native Nashvillian, and she loves to travel. She lived in Northern California for three years and traveled the entire pacific coast.

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The highlight of 2016 for Megan was a two-week German language immersive experience (thank you, Goethe Institute!) during Christmas Market season.

Teaching is the Davis family business, as Megan’s parents are both retired public school teachers. Their Tennessee roots run deep, so no matter where Megan roams, there’s no place like home.

The pinnacle science achievement of Megan’s childhood was winning two consecutive school science fairs. Ask her about the cutting edge eco-friendly practices she tested!

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