Scientific Citizens Services and Classes:

  1.  Girls Driving for a Difference workshops (an tween-age introduction to Design Thinking, developed by graduates of Stanford University’s Design School)  in the Greater Nashville area.

Find Your Drive! participants will identify their leadership style and unique skills, and marry those with a community or world issue they’re passionate about, to create their very own Mission Statement! This high-energy workshop encourages BIG DREAMS and BOLD IDEAS.

driving for a diff
Find Your Drive! workshop

2. Looking for fantastic life-skills workshops for kids? Megan is a skilled Smart Kids 101 facilitator.


3.  True Colors workshops (tailored to either adult or youth participants) to grow personal awareness of leadership styles, and foster communication and understanding in teams.

Scientific Citizens also offers custom project management to suit your needs. Megan Davis has extensive experience in

  • scaling educational programs to national reach
  • convening and leading professional learning communities
  • developing and leading trainings for adults and/or youth (certified Weikart YPQA External Assessor)
  • planning conferences and special events
  • marketing and communications to support launch through sustaining
  • researching and preparing grant proposals, literature reviews, and summary reports

Megan’s specific areas of interest include

  • Gender Equity and Female Empowerment
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Design Thinking and the Engineering Design Process
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership and Personal Strengths Development
  • Read more about the value of training role models before engaging in STEM Outreach. logo-Lucida-Handwriting-Italic